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Cost effective and reliable solar solutions for  Industries , Farms and Homes .
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We Increase Industrial Productivity

We increase Institutional Functionality

Solar Energy helps in increasing overall industrial productivity by efficient distribution of the Electricity . 
It also reduces the costs incurred by a company from the consumption of electricity to great extent .
We increase the Functionality of Institutions by offering uninterrupted power supply and reduced Electricity bills  . 

We help Agriculture too 

No more power cuts 

We reduce your home Electricity bills and facilitate the way for Savings . We  also make you a participant in the "  GO Green "  movement  .  
We help farmers  with our highly reliable and durable solar irrigation pumps  .  Our lifelong solution requires no electricity and also easy to operate and maintain .  

From Farm land to Industries

We provide wide range of Solar Solutions that perfectly fit your needs .

What Our customers say 

"   Our costs quickly came down after the installation of solar plant . It made us meet with a constant growth . Choosing Saran solar is one of the best choices that makes us happy . "
"    Saransolar  perfectly evaluvated my needs and  presented me with a wonderful solution . I  strongly recommend everyone to choose Saran solar ."  

Mr . Venkateshwaran ,

Mr. Vengadachalam , PKR College 

(20kw , Water Irrigation Pump )

(20kw , 30 kw , 50kw , 500 kw)

Not only Electicity !

Solar Powered hot water system have the potentiality to  instantly heat water upto 60 Degree celcius .

Some of Our Projects

Industry Project
    Industry Project
Solar Water Heater
    Solar Water Heater
Solar Irrigation Pump
    Solar Irrigation Pump
  4. On grid
    On grid

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